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Montmartre is run by part-time staff and unpaid volunteers. We are a non-profit institution with a mission to present the best jazz on the globe in an intimate setting at the original historic venue where the Montmartre adventure began back in 1959. Join us at the legendary address of Store Regnegade 19A, downtown Copenhagen, for a great night out.

Meet the team behind Jazzhus Montmartre.


Artistic Management


Jan Lundgren

Artistic Director


Jan Lundgren is a renowned Swedish jazz pianist and composer who was raised in Ronneby in the south of Sweden. He began learning the piano at the age of five, and moved to Malmö in 1986 to study at the Academy of Music. He graduated in 1991 and later became a lecturer at the Academy. Lundgren has based in Ystad, on Sweden’s southern coast, since 2005, and is also artistic director of Ystad Jazz Festival. Lundgren is seen as one of the best pianists on the European jazz scene, and is published by the famous jazz label ACT. 


Jonas Dyrved

Curator of "Monten" - Concerts in the borderland of jazz

Curator of "Upcoming at Montmartre" - Jazz Tuesdays with upcoming artists


Also Club Manager & Artist Coordinator at Jazzhus Montmartre.


Mathæus Bech

Curator of "Folk at Montmartre" - Nordic Folk music on Wednesdays


Mathæus Bech is Danish bassist with a BA from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. He plays a Ruebner double bass, and he is frequently performing with Harald Haugaard, Helene Blum and Mynsterland, a 12 member folk band awarded a Danish Music Award recently as "talent newcomer" of the year. Mathæus has recently released a new album with his duo "Sebastian & Mathæus" titled Ind/Udgang. Besides being a performing artist he's also the founder of the acoustic recording company "Bech Rec" specialised in live recording of acoustic music.



Operational Management


Jonas Dyrved

Club Manager & Artist Coordinator

Jonas (a)  


Trine Ulrich


Trine (a)  


Kasper Ravnsgaard

Bar Manager

Kasper (a)  

Stine C Rejnholdt 

Head of Fundraising

Stine (a)  


Rune Bech 

Founder & CEO

Rune (a)  

Rune initiated the opening of Montmartre in 2010 and has been overall responsible for the venue since. He's a former foreign correspondent (Eastern Europe and London) with the national daily Politiken, a tv-reporter at the foreign desk of TV 2 Nyhederne, and a serial entrepreneur behind e-health companies like and Liva Healthcare. For six years he was also Digital Director of the public service broadcaster TV 2. He initiated the re-opening of Montmartre as a passion project in November 2009 with the first concert going live in May 2010.



Duty Managers and Producers

Zakaria Hameed

Duty Manager
(Responsible for ticket sales and customer service)

Nikolaj Ahlefeldt

Duty Manager
(Responsible for venue and volunteers)


Mathæus Bech

Duty Manager



Frederik Bjerregaard-Nielsen

Duty Manager


Maja Pyndt Jonsén

Duty Manager



  • Kasper Ravnsgaard, bar manager
  • Ilsebil Iwan, bar tender
  • Astrid Krogh Fischer, bar tender
  • Eva Nina Wandall, bar tender
  • Simon MacGregor Haar Mønsted, bar tender
  • Casper T. Hauskov, bar tender
  • Emilie Bagger Olsen



  • Ann Louise Rodriguez
  • Camilla Beurling
  • Christina Bruun
  • Dan Henning Jensen
  • Dea Olrik Cisar
  • Eva Rehling
  • Frida Belhage
  • Jens Christian Thinggaard
  • Klara Trane
  • Kåre Videbæk Christensen
  • Louise Henriksen
  • Mads Wædegaard
  • Maline Heiberg Sørensen
  • Mia Lindegaard Pedersen
  • Mikkel Skov
  • Solveig Jensen
  • Steen Skole
  • Susanne Chang


Want to join us as a volunteer?

How about joining the team of students volunteering 1-2 nights a month at Jazzhus Montmartre assisting visiting artists and guests?

We are looking for young jazz lovers who would like to be part of the Montmartre family. Montmartre is mainly run by volunteers. We make sure that our guests and artists have a great time. As we are a non-profit organisation running on a shoe string budget, we can not pay a traditional salary. However we offer great experiences in the coolest jazz club in Copenhagen plus a generous voucher for the bar when you are on duty.

And most importantly; you get to meet some of the world's best jazz artists and hear some of the greatest jazz on the globe.

You must be able to commit at least two concert nights per month and love to be around other people. If you are interested in hearing more please send a mail with information about yourself to info (a)

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