Montmartre reddet i fire år / Montmartre saved for four more years


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The legendary Jazzhus Montmartre is located in the heart of Copenhagen and has since 1959 been visited by the world’s greatest jazz musicians. The music hall and the backstage room is filled with jazz history and have hosted multiple special and intimate concert experiences. It is now possible to rent our music hall and backstage room for meetings and events. Our facilities are suited for meetings, seminars, talks, general meetings, receptions, wine tastings, dinners, private arrangements and night-rental (23 PM – 3 AM).

With our restaurant, bar, stage, staff and sound equipment, we have the possibility to customize a meeting or a party after your needs. We can furthermore arrange musical features as requested. 



Accommodates 50 eating guests, 80 sitting guests and 100 standing guests. The walls and ceiling of the hall are decorated with art together with the Bordeaux-red stage curtain that frames the stage. 


Accommodates about 6 guests. The room is ordinarily used as the musician’s cozy living room, before they go on stage. During the day the room can be used for smaller meetings that can either take place at the table or in a more informal setting in the sofa area.



Jazzhus Montmartre was center for the modern jazz in Europe from 1959-1976 and has attracted jazz stars as Dexter Gordon, Ben Webster, Stan Getz and Kenny Drew. In 2010 Jazzhus Montmartre re-opened at the original address on Store Regnegade and has since then continued to present the very best in jazz from all over the world. 

Jazzhus Montmartre is a non-profit organization and all revenue from the jazz club stays in the club. Booking a meeting or an event
with us means that you are also supporting the continuation of Montmartre and ensuring a continuous inspiring musical environment in Copenhagen that attracts artists and audiences from all over the world.  


For further information, contact us on for an non-binding offer. 

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