Staff and volunteers at Jazzhus Montmartre are on vacation all of January getting ready for February's WILD Winter Jazz Festival. First concert after the break is February 1st with Lars Danielsson's magic Liberetto III. See the full Winter Jazz programme here.

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Thursday-Saturday, November 30 – December 2 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Ronnie Cuber & Danish All Stars B-3 Band

Ronnie Cuber (Baritone sax / US)Kjeld Lauritsen (Hammond B3 / DK)Krister Jonsson (Guitar / SE)Andreas Svendsen (Drums / DK)

The baritone saxophone does not belong among the most frequently used instruments in jazz music but it certainly carries a legacy within the genre. One of the biggest musicians who has done it justice is without a doubt Gerry Mulligan. Fellow American Ronnie Cuber is a modern master on the baritone saxophone and certainly one of the finest representatives of the instrument on the international jazz scene. Ronnie Cuber has played with B. B. King, Lee Konitz, Frank Zappa and many others. Kjeld Lauritsen will accompany him on the organ, Krister Jonsson on the guitar and Andreas Svendsen on the drums.

Den imponerende barytonsaxofon hører ikke til de mest anvendte jazzinstrumenter, men den har alligevel sin egen kongerække. Den kan med en vis ret siges at nedstamme fra cool jazzens mester, Gerry Mulligan, men én af dens mest prominente moderne repræsentanter er Ronnie Cuber. Han er en absolut legende og har spillet med bl.a. B. B. King, Lee Konitz, Frank Zappa og mange andre. Han vil blive akkompagneret af Kjeld Lauritsen på orgel, svenske Krister Jonsson på guitar og Andreas Svendsen på trommer.

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