Er du passioneret om jazz og har du lyst til at sætte stemningen blandt gæster og musikere i Jazzhus Montmartres bar og restaurant, så søg stillingen siom ny barchef på Montmartre på deltid (15-22 timer ugentligt).

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Tuesday-Wednesday, October 30-31 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Toninho Horta Feat. Piero Odorici

“Premium” is Montmartre’s series of rare intimate concerts with jazz giants that you cannot normally meet on small intimate stages. These concerts are priced above the normal tickets to cover costs and travel for these heavy-weights.
Toninho Horta (Guitar/Vocal / BR)Piero Odorici (Tenor Sax / IT)Gilson Silveira (Drums/Perc / BR)


Toninho Horta og Piero Odorici hylder med dette project Antônio Carlos Jobim, den vigtigste eksponent og komponist i genren bossanova, og Stan Getz, der især har repræsenteret og fortolket Jobims kompositioner på sin saxofon. Repertoiret til koncerterne består primært af Jobims kompositioner lige såvel som originale numre af Horta og verdenskendte standarder. Horta har gennem tiden vist sig som en indflydelsesrig guitarist og komponist på sine 10 solo udgivelser, hvor bl.a. Pat Metheny, Naná Vasconcelos og Eliane Elias har været med. Samtidig har han fra en ganske tidlig alder været en yderst eftertragtet akkompagnatør hos både brasilianske og internationale jazzstjerner. Piero Odorici startede sin musikalske liv i studierne af klassisk musik, men det endte med at blive jazzen, som han fordybede sig i. I hans karriere har han ledet eller medvirket i flere store italienske og internationale grupper og spillet Europa og USA tyndt. Vi er ikke et sekund i tvivl om, at de to, sammen med Gilson Silveira, vil fremføre bossa novaens rytmer og harmonier på en måde, som vil sende os alle mod varmere himmelstrøg.


Toninho Horta and Piero Odorici with this new project want to tribute Antônio Carlos Jobim the most important exponent and composer of the genre Bossa nova and the great Stan Getz the most representative saxophonist and interpreter of the compositions of Jobim. The repertoire consists primarily of the compositions of Jobim as well as original pieces of Horta and famous Jazz standards giving rise to harmonies and phrases decidedly appealing. Horta has proven himself as an influential guitarist and composer with 10 solo releases, with special guests such as Pat Metheny, Naná Vasconcelos and Eliane Elias. From a very early age, he has been a highly sought after accompanist for both Brazilian and international jazz stars. Piero Odorici started his musical life in studies of classical music, but it ended up becoming the jazz in which he immersed himself. In his career, he has led or participated in several major Italian and international groups and played all over Europe and USA. With Gilson Silveira, they will send us all to warmer lands with the rhythms and harmonies of the Bossa nova.

Oct 30Tue
20.00 (Doors 19.00) DKK 350,-
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Oct 31Wed
20.00 (Doors 19.00) DKK 350,-
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Monday, November 5 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Quintet: Album Release

“Premium” is Montmartre’s series of rare intimate concerts with jazz giants that you cannot normally meet on small intimate stages. These concerts are priced above the normal tickets to cover costs and travel for these heavy-weights.
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen (Bass / DK)Magnus Thuelund (Sax / DK)Brian Massaka (Guitar / PL)William Larsson (Piano / SE)Daniel Sommer (Drums / DK)

The Danish jazzmusician, composer, arranger and bandleader, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, is an internationally in demand sideman due to his intuitive virtuosity on double bass, a mastery that led him to work with names like John Scofield or Aaron Parks. The release of his fourth album “Tété” sees him stepping into the limelight as a composer and bandleader of his international quintet. Musical influences from all over the world come together with a naturalness that implies Knudsen has the formula for successfully translating the fundamental idea of jazz into the age of globalisation. As a bandleader, he manages to unite all the experiences he made on his recent journey through 33 countries and tie them all up into one impressive complete work. Backed by the blindly intuitive interplay of his quintet Knudsen combines harmonies of the European music tradition with the playful rhythms of Africa and Latin America as well as the expressiveness of Jewish folksongs as if they belonged together naturally, sounding like no one else but himself.

Musikeren, komponisten, arrangøren og bandlederen Kenneth Dahl Knudsen er en internationalt efterspurgt sideman grundet hans intuitive virtuositet på kontrabassen. Hans evner har ført ham til samarbejde med musikere som John Scofield og Aaron Parks. På sin fjerde udgivelse ”Tété” træder han for alvor ind i rollen som komponist og bandleder med sin internationale kvintet. Musikalske indflydelser fra hele verden flettes ganske naturligt sammen og danner en fremvisning af Knudsens egenskab til succesfuldt at oversætte og fortolke de fundamentale idéer i jazzen i en globaliseret verden. Som bandleder formår han at forene sine oplevelser fra sin rejse gennem 33 lande og samle dem til et smukt sammenhængene værk. Kvintetten har et helt intuitivt samspil, og med Knudsen i front kombinerer de harmonier fra den europæiske tradition med folkemusikken og de legesyge rytmer fra Afrika og Latinamerika, helt som hvis de passede naturligt sammen.

Nov 5Mon
20.00 (Doors 19.00) DKK 150,-
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Wednesday-Thursday, November 7-8 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Sinne Eeg Group

“Premium” is Montmartre’s series of rare intimate concerts with jazz giants that you cannot normally meet on small intimate stages. These concerts are priced above the normal tickets to cover costs and travel for these heavy-weights.
Sinne Eeg (Vocal / DK)Jacob Christoffersen (Piano / DK)Lennart Ginman (Bass / DK)Morten Lund (Drums / DK)

One of the greatest vocalists in Danish Jazz music Sinne Eeg will be performing together with Jacob Christoffersen, Lennart Ginman and Morten Lund. Sinne Eeg is considered to be one of the jazz Queens of Denmark alongside with Cæcilie Norby. She has won many awards including the prestigious Ben Webster Award in 2014 and is a two-time Danish Music Award winner for "Best Vocal Jazz Album", which she won in 2007 and 2010. In spite of currently living in the US as well as having performed all over the world, Sinne Eeg keeps the Scandinavian melancholy settled in her music. Her sound is modern and Nordic with clear references to legendary jazz singers such as Nancy Wilson and Benny Carter. Her concerts are known for being filled with humor, a charming presence and musical bonanza, which comes to show by playfully taking chances on stage.

Photo: Stephen Freiheit

En af Danmarks helt store jazzstemmer Sinne Eeg optræder sammen med Jacob Christoffersen, Lennart Ginman og Morten Lund. Sinne Eeg regnes for at være en af Danmarks jazzdronninger, og hun har vundet et utal af priser, bl.a. den prestigefyldte Ben Webster pris i 2014 og Danish Music Awards for "Bedste Jazz Vokal Album" i både 2007 og 2010. Selvom Sinne Eeg har optrådt verden over og p.t. er bosiddende i USA, så har hun holdt solidt fast i sit skandinaviske udtryk. Hendes musik er moderne og nordisk i tonen, men med klare referencer til legendariske jazzsangerinder som Nancy Wilson og Betty Carter. Hendes koncerter kendetegnes ved stort nærvær, humor, charmerende sceneoptræden og et enormt musikalsk overskud, som bl.a. kommer til udtryk ved, at der tages chancer på scenen.

Foto: Stephen Freiheit

Nov 7Wed
20.00 (Doors 19.00) DKK 360,-
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Nov 8Thu
20.00 (Doors 17.30) DKK 360,-
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Friday-Saturday, November 9-10 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Sinne Eeg/Thomas Fonnesbæk

“Premium” is Montmartre’s series of rare intimate concerts with jazz giants that you cannot normally meet on small intimate stages. These concerts are priced above the normal tickets to cover costs and travel for these heavy-weights.
Sinne Eeg (Vocal / DK)Thomas Fonnesbæk (Bass / DK)

Sinne Eeg is here to stay, and for good reason. Her talent is beyond belief and her voice sounds like a choir of angels. After two evenings with Sinne Eeg Group, it?s time for Eeg and Fonnesbæk to present their amazing duo constellation. Danish bassists occupy a special position on the international jazz scene. Through NHØP, Mads Vinding, Bo Stief and Jesper Lundgaard, we have created a strong international bass brand. And this brand is being carried on today by a host of splendid bass players. One of the most remarkable names is Thomas Fonnesbæk, who plays with a technical surplus and a melodic sensibility that hasn't been heard since NHØP. Eeg and Fonnesbæk have a completely unique interplay and understanding of each other?s sound, and they do indeed take the meeting of vocal and bass to new heights!

Sinne Eeg er kommet for at blive, og det er af gode grunde, for hendes stemme er som sendt fra himmelen. Efter 2 aftener med Sinne Eeg Group skifter vi ud i line-up og sender mesterlige Thomas Fonnesbæk ind på scenen. Danske bassister har en særlig stjerne på den internationale jazzhimmel. Med NHØP, Mads Vinding, Bo Stief og Jesper Lundgaard i spidsen har Danmark skab sig et varemærke, som stadig vækker opsigt både herhjemme, men i særdeleshed også i udlandet. Og det danske varemærke holdes stadig i hævd af en stribe yngre, strålende bassister. En af de mest bemærkelsesværdige skikkelser er Thomas Fonnesbæk, som spiller med et teknisk overskud og en melodisk åre, som ikke er hørt siden NHØP. Eeg og Fonnesbæk har et helt unikt samspil og intern forståelse, som virkelig tager mødet mellem vokal og bas til nye højder.

Nov 9Fri
20.00 (Doors 17.30) DKK 320,-
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Nov 10Sat
20.00 (Doors 17.30) DKK 320,-
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Tuesday, November 13 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Gauthier Toux Trio

“Upcoming” is Montmartre’s series of talent concerts where upcoming artists test the boundaries of jazz.
Gauthier Toux (Piano / FR)Simon Tailleu (Bass / FR)Maxence Sibille (Drums / FR)

With his third album “The colours you see” (out on UK label Naim Records on May 4th – a label home to Yazz Ahmed, Sons of Kemet…) as the leader of his trio, pianist Gauthier Toux has tried to highlight his very personal approach to colours. Ever since he was discovered to be colour-blind, he has never ceased to wonder about alternative ways in which they can be perceived, venturing beyond the names assigned to each of them. Each new composition is like the setting to music of anecdotes which relate me to these lights and shades.

Formed in October 2013, the Gauthier Toux Trio brings together three young exponents from the European jazz scene. All three are enthusiasts of the jazz tradition, but are also into electronic music, rock, hip-hop - they are on the same page both personally and musically.

After almost four years playing and travelling together and two albums, More than Ever (2015) and Unexpected Things (2016, NoMadMusic), both critically acclaimed (France Musique’s Choix award, ‘Albums of the month’ selection in Les Inrocks, April 2016, TSF Jazz radio, FIP’s ‘Club Jazz’) there is a sense of brotherhood and unity about these three musicians which manifests itself in music whose key quality is its sincerity.

The Gauthier Toux Trio won prizes at the 2016 Jazz à La Défense national competition, the 2016 Jazz Or Jazz competition, and Jazz à Vienne’s RéZZo Focal in 2017.

Upcoming får denne aften besøg fra Frankrig, når den prisvindende pianist Gauthier Toux spiller med sin trio igennem fem år. Trioen har to højt anmelderroste albums bag sig, og i maj måned udgav de det tredje album "The Colours You See" (udgivet på engelske Naim Records, som bl.a. udgiver Sons of Kemet).

Trioen består af tre unge eksponenter fra den europæiske jazz scene. Alle tre er dybt forankret i jazz traditionen, men henter også inspiration fra electronica, rock, hip-hop og meget andet.

Mest iørefaldende ved trioen er deres sublime sammenspil og den originale, moderne kompositionsstil. Vi glæder os til at præsentere dem!

Nov 13Tue
20.00 (Doors 19.00) DKK 100,-
Door only
Sunday, November 18 at 20.00 (8 PM)


Luna Matz (Vocal / DK)David Nedergaard (Keys / DK)Troels Dankert (Drums / DK)Pelle Lindsjö (Bass / SE)

The trip-soul group Takykardia, who has taken their name from the Finnish word for rapid heartbeat, presents a genre-breaking and playful universe with Luna Matz' seductive vocal in front. The pace is often slow, heavy and trip-hop like, sometimes interrupted by jazz-unpredictable rhythms. Their instrumental sound image has a beautiful contrast to Luna Matz' bright and playful vocal. The group met with different backgrounds in classical music, art punk, jazz and performance art and with a common fascination of trip-hop and a devotion to captivating aesthetics. In February 2018, they released their self-titled debut EP, which has been praised to the clouds of Danish and international blogs such as EARMILK, Noisey, Kaltblut Magazine, Dummy, HighClouds and Crack in the Road, which calls the EP: "A uniquely ambitious and massively exciting first step.” We look forward to leaning back into sensitive and imaginative musical dream sequences!

Trip-soul-gruppen Takykardia, der har hentet deres navn fra det finske ord for hurtig hjerterytme, præsenterer et genre-brydende og legesygt univers med Luna Matz forførende vokal i front. Tempoet er ofte slæbende, tungt og trip-hop lignende, som afbrydes af jazz-uforudsigelige rytmer. Deres instrumentale lydbillede får smukt modspil af Luna Matz lyse og legesyge vokal. Gruppen mødtes med forskellige baggrunde i klassisk musik, art-punk, jazz og performancekunst og med en fælles fascination af trip-hop og en hengivenhed for fængslende æstetik. I februar 2018 udgav de deres selv-betitlede debut-EP, som er blevet rost til skyerne af danske og internationale blogs som EARMILK, Noisey, Kaltblut Magazine, Dummy, HighClouds og Crack in the Road, som kalder EP’en: “A uniquely ambitious and massively exciting first step.” Vi glæder os til at læne os tilbage i følsomme og fantasifulde musikalske drømmesekvenser, når gruppen indtager Monten!

Nov 18Sun
20.00 (Doors 19.00) DKK 130,-
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Friday-Saturday, November 30 – December 1 at 20.00 (8 PM)

Jan Lundgren Trio

“Premium” is Montmartre’s series of rare intimate concerts with jazz giants that you cannot normally meet on small intimate stages. These concerts are priced above the normal tickets to cover costs and travel for these heavy-weights.
Jan Lundgren (Piano / SE)Zoltán Csörsz (Drums / HU)Mattias Svensson (Bass / SE)

The Swedish pianist Jan Lundgren plays with an unmatched poetic sensitivity. The delicate and lively impacts on the keys goes straight in to the hearts of audiences around the world. He lifts the legacy of Sweden's great pianist, Jan Johansson, like no other. In 2007, he even became the first Nordic musician to become an "International Steinway Artist". For two decades, he has played in his trio constellation, which is one of the most beloved groups in the Nordic region these years. Jan Lundgren, Mattias Svensson and Zoltan Csörsz create a completely seductive and unforgettable experience - especially when experienced close up in the intimate settings of Montmartre.

Den svenske pianist Jan Lundgren spiller med en uovertruffen poetisk følsomhed. De delikate og livlige anslag går lige i hjertet på publikum verden over. Han løfter arven fra Sveriges store pianist, Jan Johansson, som ingen anden. I 2007 blev han endda den første nordiske musiker, der blev en ”International Steinway Artist”. I to årtier har han spillet i sin triokonstellation, som er anset for at være en af de mest elskede grupper i Norden i disse år. Jan Lundgren, Mattias Svensson og Zoltan Csörsz skaber en helt igennem forførende og uforglemmelig oplevelse – især når de kan opleves helt tæt på i Montmartre intime musiksal.

Nov 30Fri
20.00 (Doors 17.30) DKK 295,-
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Dec 1Sat
20.00 (Doors 17.30) DKK 295,-
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IMPORTANT: You will need to book a table and buy a ticket in two separate steps above if you want both to dine and attend a concert.

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